ALTERNATIVE is a safe, multi-functional and earth friendly product that replaces acid based cleaners. ALTERNATIVE removes rust, lime, calcium, soap scum, mildew, grease, and other difficult soils from many hard surfaces. (bulk)

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Coil Aid B - product code #5143

Non-acid coil & filter cleaner. (bulk)


Coil Bright HD -
product code #3059

Heavy duty acidic coil cleaner removes
soil and oxidation from coils. (bulk)



Coil Bright HD - product code #5033

Heavy duty acidic coil cleaner removes
soil and oxidation from coils. (bulk)


Coil Bright A - product code #1078

COIL-BRIGHT A eliminates the need for high pressure sprayers or bulky tank sprayers. This powerful, high volume aerosol product will clean even large commercial A/C coils quickly and easily. Simply spray COIL-BRIGHT A Cleaner evenly over entire coil from the air intake side. No rinsing required. Dirt and lint wash away with condensate. (aerosol)


Coil Bright - product code #5160

Non-acid removes soil and oxidation
from coils same free rising formula as
Coil Bright A


Coil Bright Xtra- product code #1126

High power coil & filter cleaner-extra large can
with hi pressure spray for large industrial coils
coils same free rising formula as Coil Bright A. (aerosol)


Coil Brite III - product code #1141

Non-acid free-rinsing coil & filter
Cleaner. Cleans & disinfects in one step. (aerosol)


Coil Cleaner Non Fragrant- product code #1169

Free rinsing coil cleaner no fragrance. (aerosol)

Containment Control Univ/Hazmat spill kit

Univ/Hazmat Spill Kit
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CT-boiler HW (hard water) - product code #5190

All-in-one complete boiler treatment formulated
for hard make-up water



CT-boiler SW (soft water) - product code #5189

All-in-one complete boiler treatment formulated
for soft make-up water



CT-One Step - product code #51923

All-in-one treatment for cooling towers



CT-7 - product code #5103

Safety De-Scaler for Cooling Towers



CT-Closed Loop - product code #5193

Complete treatment for all types of closed
loop water systems



CT-DE-Foam - product code #5152

Highly concentrated de-foamer for cooling towers


Cyclone -product code #3165

Foaming non acid coil cleaner. (bulk)

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Freeze-It-Up - product code #1171

Freezing Action Penetrating Lubircant (aerosol)


Hurricane A - product code #1069

Bi-phase, biodegradable degreaser cleaner. (aerosol)


Hurricane - product code #5024

HURRICANE is a powerful, concentrated, New-Age cleaner. HURRICANE is effective for cleaning the toughest soils. Grease, grime, carbon, oil, soap scum, soot, you name it, are no match for HURRICANE. Safe on any surfaces, HURRICANE is mild to use yet powerful enough to remove stubborn soils, and will not etch glass. HURRICANE actually turns grease and oil into a biodegradable soap so you do less work! HURRICANE is super-concentrated and can be diluted up to 100:1 (bulk)

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Hurricane II- product code #5142

2/3 the strength of hurricane 55 gallon drum only (bulk)


Pan Tabs - product code #7559

Condensation pan tablets up to 24,000 BTU


Patch-It-Copper - product code #7111C

Reinforced epoxy putty


Patch-It-Plastic - product code #7111P

Epoxy Plastic Repair Kit

Perma-Bond - product code # 7090

PERMA-BOND 3”x120” Pipe Repair Kit is a quick and easy permanent repair of all pipes. Can be used on Metal, Copper, Brass, Steel, PVC, Fiberglass, Plastics, Rubber Hose, and Cast Iron.

Powerhouse Cherry - product code #7014

Deodorant block unique mesh hangs
up nicely lasts up to 14 weeks


Prime-It - product code #1098-P

PVC cement for inspection purposes (aerosol)


Protect-A Tabs

Prevents slim and algae growth in
A/C condensate pans.

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Re-in-Force - product code #7091

Steel reinforce epoxy putty.


RESCUE TAPE Silicone Repair Tape

Rescue Tape is SUPERCO Specialty Products' remarkable self-fusing silicone repair tape. Lab tested at 950PSI, Rescue Tape is the strongest and fastest-fusing self-fusing silicone repair tape on the market today.
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Seek - product code #3603

Gas leak detector


Super Pens

Industrial Paint Pens

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Self-sticking condensation pan traps

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100% perfume deodorant bars
use in a/c dampers
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Weld-It - product code #1098

Aerosol PVC cement (aerosol)