To Superco Specialty Products,

The department of Facilities Management at Domestic Violence Courthouse purchases Superco products due to some good reasons.

All the products that have been purchased have performed excellent to their applications. When there is an issue in the building, the Superco representative will help resolve the problem with a type of product for those issues at hand.

Superco's representative makes on-site visits to introduce different products for the building operation. It's great to see products perform. As a customer, you know what type pf products are available from Superco and understand the product performs its given application.

My Superco representative is very helpful with products and ordering is easy. I have been ordering from Superco for about 4 years and not once was there a problem with the product or shipping



I order from Superco because the quality of the product and the quick response of the Sales Agent. When I needed something ASAP, all i need to do is call and I have it right away. My rep is very personable and great to work with, always up front with the new products that she believes could benefit us in our facilities department.

Thomas - SR Facilities Supervisor

Our salesperson has been selling maintenance products to our companies since 1996. She is the only sales rep that I deal with. When I took over hear in May 1996 there were several sales people from different companies that sold to our properties. We have enjoyed dealing with her over the years. We look forward to her visits each month. She is a true asset to your company and if all of your representatives are half as good as her you should have a very successful company.

Carol - Property manager

 The reason why I order from Superco is the products do work as explained.  The customer representative has very good knowledge of the products.  Will let me know of new products or the products that we have bought in the past or new and improved. The pricing is higher than most products but as a buyer the cheapest price is not always the best price and sometimes you get what you pay for. 

Research Medical Center
Kansas City, MO 64132

The First reason I do business with Superco..I order from Superco because the products speak for themselves, “There of high quality.”  The Second reason being; I order from Superco because of my Rep,  She is very personable and goes beyond caring about her customers, she takes and interest in your needs. Regardless of where I’m working Lindi has provided me support.  

Director of EVS, Linen and Central Processing